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Home Modifications Directory:  The Home Modifications Directory provides information on resources in Maryland for making homes accessible to people with disabilities.  Click here to view the Home Modifications Directory

Housing Accessibility Modification Program (HAMP):  If you are a Baltimore County resident, you can apply for assistance to make your rental apartment more accessible.  The Housing Accessibility Modification Program (HAMP) provides financial assistance to modify rental units for individuals with disabilities.  Funding is limited.  Contact the Baltimore County Commission on Disabilities at 410-887-3580 for more information. 

Accessible Homes for Seniors:  This program was created to promote accessibility related improvements to the homes of seniors.  Improvements may include, among others, the installation of grab bars and railings, widening of doorways and installation of ramps.  The program provides zero percent interest, deferred loans for a term of 30 years to finance accessibility improvements.  Click here to visit the Department of Housing and Community Development to learn more about the Accessible Homes for Seniors Program.

Is your contractor licensed?  If you decide to hire a contractor for renovations or modification to your home, you can check if the contractor is licensed by contacting 1-888-218-5925 or clicking here to visit the Maryland Home Commission.

Consumer's Guide to Funding Home Modifications:  Independence Now, Inc., a Center for Independent Living, developed this publication that explains some of the loan programs that are available to homeowners.  They work directly with contractors, assess needs and can offer design ideas and other alternatives for you to consider.  Contact Independence Now, Inc. at 301-277-2839 to request a copy of the guide or click here to find more information by visiting Independence Now, Inc.

Design for Life:  In Montgomery County there is a new voluntary certification program for visit-ability and live-ability in single family attached and detached homes.  Design for Life Montgomery was developed to increase the number of single family attached and detached homes that include accessible design features.  Click here to visit Design for Life.


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